Some social service projects are school-based and some others are undertaken by the boarding houses. In  our school we have different organisations like Aaniver, Junior Red Cross, Scouts, Guides, etc. Now, however, there is an increasing number of individual students who are driving their own initiatives.
Our Alumni continue to follow the school’s mission of social service and responsibility in their adult lives.


Aaniver Natural History Trust is an NGO founded and run by our Alumni,  conducting various programmes to create awareness of nature and animals among people. It also received Awards and Recognized in various levels.

Unique Id of VO/NGO: TN/2015/0087885
Chief Functionary: T. Navin Babu B.Tech., M.Sc.
Chairman: Murugesan

Registration Details

Registered With: Sub-Registrar
Type of NGO: Trust
Registration Number: 24/2015
City of Registration: Palladam
State of Registration: Tamil Nadu
Date of Registration: 17-03-2015

Aaniver Natural History Trust






Junior Red Cross


Junior Red Cross

Junior Red Cross (JRC) Society was started in our school during the academic year 2002-2003. The JRC functions as per the principles adopted by Dunant, which was successful till date. During our journey we have touched several peak of services.

Members of JRC participated in interschool JRC District level competitions. We conduct weekend classes for the JRC volunteers on various topics. The youth is being trained on different topics such as fundamental principles, humanitarian values, climate change, disaster risk reduction, road safety and hygiene & sanitation. Students also develop handicrafts like greeting cards, wealth out of waste to develop their inbuilt talents. “Down the street, across the country, around the world.”

School Reopen Dates!


School Re-Opens on 03.06.2019 (Monday)
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School Re-Opens on 03.06.2019 (Monday)
Classes: std 1 to std 9 – Half Day Working, Time: till 12:30 PM
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LKG – UKG re-opens on 10.06.2019